Lipgloss and Lace

Hard to believe, but this week marks SEVEN years of Lipgloss and Lace. Whew! It’s been such an incredibly rewarding journey carving out my own little space online for fashion and style.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned throughout these 7 years, it’s to stay on top of what is relevant, but remember to be yourself. It’s important to be authentically yourself and provide something that is unique. Stay true to YOU!

I also have to give a giant THANK YOU to my Husband who has shot every single one of my looks (all 705 of them). There would be no Lipgloss and Lace without him, and I am so truly grateful for all of his support over the years…and yours too.

Below I picked one look from each year that I’ve loved. It felt like trying to choose a favorite child! There are so many that I hold close to my heart. Looking forward to many more years of fabulous fashion ahead.

Cheers! XO