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Cookies are pretty much the best part of Christmas, right?

Whether you’re making them for a party, Santa, or just a cozy night by the fireplace, there’s always a reason to whip up a batch during the holidays.

Here are a few of my favorite festive recipes.


β™₯ Hot Chocolate Cookies

β™₯ Chocolate Cake Mix Cookies

β™₯ Oreo Truffles

β™₯ Red Velvet Sandwich Cookies

β™₯ Candy Cane Cookies

β™₯ Frosted Peppermint Brownie Cookies


10 responses to “Oh Christmas Treats, Oh Christmas Treats!”

  1. Kate says:

    YUM! I’m ready for all the holiday baking. Those brownie cookies sound AMAZING <3

  2. Joanne says:

    Oh yummy, yummy!

  3. Christmas cookie are so good! My daughter is having the girls in her class decorate cookies at her bday party this weekend, so I am going to start making the dough to chill tonight. I always love to try one new cookie recipe each year, I am going to check these out! Thanks for sharing!


  4. What amazing Christmas cookies! We always have a lot of fun making and decorating cookies on Christmas eve, but ours never turn out so professional looking, haha!

    Hope you are having a lovely day πŸ™‚

  5. Janet says:

    These look so good! Thank you for sharing these wonderful recipes, I will need to start baking! xx

  6. Lovely says:

    I need to try the hot chocolate cookies. Thanks for these yum recipes.

  7. mia says:

    These cookies are utterly adorable!

    mia //

  8. Jill says:

    We have a family cookie exchange and I like to try a new recipe every year. Thanks for sharing these yummy ideas!

    Jill – Doused in Pink

  9. Julia says:

    Oooh, yes! I love Christmas Cookies and I can’t wait to try these recipes, starting with the hot chocolate cookies!
    Julia x

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