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October 12th, 2017

And just like that…my little sister gets married this weekend. Que the water works! Where oh where did the time go? It seems like yesterday we were playing “Dance School” in the garage, “Restaurant” in Lake Tahoe and “Church” in my Mom’s living room with our Cabbage Patch dolls (where we would use Wonder Bread as communion and Pepsi as wine, obviously). I was lucky enough to be with her on the night of her engagement last December, and it truly was such a magical night. Now we are a few days shy of her wedding day, and it’s got me thinking of all the things I want her to know about her special day…


β™₯ You’re Going To Be The Center Of AttentionΒ β™₯

And you will be, rightfully so. You’re the woman of the hour, the lady in white, the blushing bride!

As much as we’ll appreciate the handsome groom, the fabulous food and gorgeous venue, I promise none of it will hold a candle to the moment we see you.Β 


β™₯ YourΒ ExhaustiveΒ Planning Will Pay Off Β β™₯

We all know how much work you’ve put into this wedding! Although you will never get back the countless hours you’ve spent on Pinterest, the dress fittings or meetings with the venue, you will see moments you’ve dreamed of finally come to life. Even in the wedding world, hard work pays off. So take it all in and enjoy the ride.



β™₯ There Will Be Tears…Lots And Lots Of TearsΒ β™₯

Any wedding is bursting with emotion, but when you’re the last of 4 daughters, it’s a whole new game. Your friends will be whimpering, Mom will be a wreck and even all-mighty Dad will most definitely join in on the waterworks. Appreciate the pure magic of happy tears!


Β β™₯ Good Time Will Be Had By AllΒ β™₯

Only the best weddings can double as kick-ass parties, and there’s no doubt in my mind that yours will be one of them. I’m not just saying this because I know there will be drinks flowing ( although it certainly will help!), but because the people you’ve both surrounded yourselves with and the atmosphere it will create could light up any dance floor.Β 



β™₯ It’s Going To Be The Most Exciting, Overwhelming And Unforgettable Day Of Your LifeΒ β™₯

We all know weddings are kind of a big deal. You’re committing yourself to one person for the rest of your life. That doesn’t happen everyday. Enjoy it. Embrace the nerves and dance the night away. Take a moment to appreciate the surroundings and smiles you see around you. It’s pretty magical, and it you blink – you’ll miss it.


β™₯ You’ll Always Be A Mearns GirlΒ β™₯

Your last name may be changing, but your identity and role in our family isn’t going to budge. You were and always will be my incredible younger sister. You’re the one who will tag me in a funny meme at 2AM, who will share my obsessive love of fashion and who will always be there for me, I matter what.

Congratulations, Erin! I love you so much and cannot wait to celebrate you all weekend long! XO


21 responses to “Wedding Wishes For My Sister…”

  1. What a beautiful post for your beautiful baby sis! I love seeing all your gorgeousness together and your mama is stunning, no wonder you’re all drop dead gorgeous! Wishing Erin and all of you a picture perfect wedding weekend with all her wishes coming true! Love ya girl!! xo

  2. Samantha says:

    How fun! You are going to have such a great weekend!

  3. Kate says:

    Gorgeous girls! Happy Wedding Weekend to your sis, time to pop all the champagne <3
    Green Fashionista

  4. Elise says:

    Oh Shauna, what a beautiful post! Lovely words of advice for your sister. I hope you all have a wonderful time this weekend!

    xx, Elise

  5. katelyn says:

    ah so sweet & I am loving all the candid pictures! Congrats to Erin!–Katelyn/

  6. Ashley says:

    Awww, this is going to be such an amazing weekend for your sis- and your family! Have so much fun at the wedding!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  7. So exciting that your sister’s wedding has arrived! This is such a sweet post, and you and your sisters are all so beautiful. Have a great time!

  8. What a lovely post dedicated to your sister! Have a fun weekend and all the luck to her! Xx

  9. Rachel says:

    What a sweet post, Shauna! I love seeing all the sister pictures and so nice that you were able to be there the night she got engaged! You guys will have the best weekend! Congratulations and best wishes to Erin!

    xo, Rachel
    A Blonde’s Moment

  10. Michelle says:

    I don’t have a biological sister but I have plenty of friends who I have adopted as sisters and this post really captures all of those feelings. My favorite bit of advice is the great weddings are dance parties (we had a Chicago hot dog stand set up at 1 am for my Chicago hubby and his family and friends -which at the time I was like – so people could fuel up and keep dancing) but the part that her last name will change but she is always your sister. So beautiful girl and I can’t wait for the post wedding write up!!!!

  11. Olivia says:

    Awww This is the sweetest post!! These photos are so cute and must hold incredible memories for you both!!! <3

    xo Olivia

  12. This is so sweet, I love it. Have such a great weekend celebrating your sister!

  13. Deena says:

    I hope there will be pictures! Wishing you a great wedding weekend. Also- glad to know I wasn’t the only one playing communion with rolled up brwas.

  14. Meagan says:

    You and your sisters are just so pretty! Love the story about playing ‘church’–kids are so creative πŸ™‚ I hope you have a wonderful celebration this weekend!


  15. Glowyshoes says:

    Awww a big congrats to your sister… i can only imagine the wedding fever.. i wish her the very best as she enters the institution of marriage

    Glowyshoes’s blog

  16. sophie says:

    I really love the photos and I am sending the best of wishes to your sister on her upcoming wedding.

  17. Camila says:

    This must be so exciting, I hope the best for her!

    My Vogue Style |

  18. Jessica says:

    Aww. This is so sweet dear. Such a lovely read.

    Jessica |

  19. Falasha says:

    This looks like so much fun, I didnt do any of these traditions.

    I am following you on Instagram. Did you want to do the IG Challenge?
    xoxo Falasha
    Bite My Fashion
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